Friday, February 4, 2011

Yesterday and today were very exciting days for me because both my dress and my veil arrived! I went to The Something Blue Shoppe to try on my dress and fell in love all over again. It is perfect and boy are my shoes an amazing match! So fun!

Then, today I came home and had a package on my doorstep. I opened it up and it was my custom veil! It is gorgeous, flows perfectly, and it is long. It may or may not be a royal cathedral length and I may or may not be completely crazy. But hey, if you're getting married in a cathedral, shouldn't you go BIG and wear a veil that floats 10 feet behind you? YES!!!

Mr. CF is already worried about our first dance and how I'm going to be able to carry the whole thing over my arm. I replied by folding my veil neatly over my arm (or around my arm a few times) and proceeded to waltz with him around our bedroom. See, it can be done! Oh I love him and his worrying mind.

So, I want to hear about YOUR veil! How does it fit your personality/venue?


  1. I didn't wear a veil. I did make a birdcage veil, but at the last minute decided not to wear it.

    Is that oval piece at the bottom your head piece?

  2. It is actually my monogram within a frame, both embroidered into the very end of my veil. It is embroidered in silver, but for some reason looks gold in the picture I posted.

  3. Oh how exciting that your veil AND your dress came in! I have always loved longer veils.

    My dress is coming in March, so I won't be choosing a veil until after that, but you've given me inspiration!