Let The Second-Guessing Begin!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

OH NO! I promised I wouldn't be that bride, the one that keeps changing her mind. And so far, I've done so well. But as I was browsing the internet the other night, I stumbled across some invitations that I fell in love with...possibly a little bit more than the ones I previously fell in love with and decided on. I guess it's not the biggest deal because I haven't ordered the invites yet, but they have to be ordered by April 1st (next week!) so I need to make a final decision. Please let me know your thoughts as I need some serious help from girls with a eye for fabulous stationary! Oh, and I should add that one of these costs twice as much as the other, eeks!

Choice #1 (Printed on 100% Cotton)

Choice #2 (Letter Press)

Fun With Frames!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ever since I saw these pictures, I have wanted a photo wall!

How cool and fun would it be for guests to pose in cool frames during the cocktail hour and reception? I am just totally in love with this idea and am feeling a DIY project coming on (don't worry, I'll share)! One thing I like about photo walls as opposed to photo booths is that you can customize the wall to match your decor. You can even add real family photos around the open frames to incorporate a bit of history to your event!

Since we're planning our wedding from afar, Mr. CF and I may need to tackle this project during one of our visits to Atlanta, as this "wall" will not fit in my car! I can't wait to get started on this project by picking up vintage frames and browsing for supplies at Home Depot! My dad was the most wonderful carpenter in the world and I want to successfully complete this project in memory of him!

Are you planning a fun activity for guests at your wedding?

Please Be Seated

Saturday, March 5, 2011

So I'm having a garden wedding...kind of! Our ceremony will take place in an old cathedral, our cocktail hour will be in an English garden, and our reception will be held in a ballroom with a balcony that overlooks the garden. I have a clear picture (in my head) of how I want the tables to look, although it does bug me that I don't have my exact plan on paper. Boo for not being a good artist. Basically, there will be lots and lots of light pink and cream roses in urns, milk glass, and birdcages in the center of the tables. Something like this:

And here are the birdcages I have:


So now that I know what I'm going for, I am starting to think about what I am going to do for table numbers. I have come across so many cute ideas and I would love to share them with you and hear what you think. Let's get started!

This is one of my favorites! How cute are the giant clothespins? 

Okay, these books are adorable and probably easy to create!

Words cannot describe the cuteness of these bird table numbers!

These adorable frames with buttons make me smile! ::swoon::

How 'bout this cute burlap wine bag? Mr. CF says..."Burlapppppppppp???? But that's for poor people..." Um no babe, burlap is very chic right now! 

Share your cute table number ideas and let me know what you think of the ones listed above!

I'll Have My Cake and Eat it Too!

Friday, March 4, 2011

You know when you first start wedding planning you have all these ideas, and then (by the time you're half-way through planning) you find that your original ideas have evolved, or even changed? Well, that hasn't really happened to me!

With the exception of one thing...the cake!

At first, I didn't want a wedding cake, in fact, I hated cake! Yuck! Next, Mr. CF was put in charge of the wedding cake, he could do what he wants! Then, Mr. CF, in fear of making the wrong decision regarding the cake, relinquished his duty and returned the task to me. Thanks. Then I had the bright idea of having a tiny cake with lots of specialty cakes (the kinds I actually like...cheese cake, tiramisu, etc.) sitting around it. So what now you ask?????????? Well, I decided that I want a big wedding cake of course. What girl doesn't?!?

The first thing I did after this realization was call the bakery to set up a tasting. I am very excited to go in a couple of weeks and I've been scouring the internet for pictures of my dream wedding cake. Here's what I came up with!

Yummy Cake

Mr. CF poo-pooed the one on the top left and bottom right :( C'mon, they're gorgeous! Plus, he's going to get his own cake! I decided that I'm going to show all of these pictures to the baker and see what he can come up with that will make both of us happy! Relationships are about compromise, right?

So tell me, have you changed your mind about anything over the course of your wedding planning?

Step into My Dressing Room...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Okay so I'm way over-thinking this whole engagement shoot wardrobe. Our pictures will be taken this month, 22 days from now, and I have not purchased a dress. And I need two. And shoes for both. Yikes!

I know this really shouldn't be that hard but I do hope to be able to look back at these pictures in 10 years and think "boy I had a cute sense of style!" So I went browsing today and am going to share some options with you. I'm looking for something dressy yet comfortable, and then something else a little more casual and laid back. Both need to be girly and romantic! If you want to know more about the setting of our shoot, read this post. Here we go!

Option 1:  Love this lacy, nude-colored number!


Option 2:  I love, love, love one-shoulder dresses! Can you tell?

Option 3:  This reminds me of Spring! I loved how soft it was and it flowed so nice!

Option 4:  This dress was so flattering on and I especially loved the back!


Option 5:  I didn't try this on because they didn't have it at the mall but OMG how cute!!!

Option 6:  You must know how much I love ruffles after reading yesterday's post!

Option 7:  You all may think I'm a crazy bird lady but this dress is sweet, sweet, sweet! Or shall I saw tweet, tweet, tweet? ;-)

I also already own some cute dresses, but I'm not sure how I'd feel wearing something I've already worn. Not because I don't wear my dresses twice (I definitely do), but because this is a special occasion that deserves a new dress! What do you think? Any of the dresses stand out to you?

Wordless Wednesday {Ruffles}

Wednesday, March 2, 2011