Let The Second-Guessing Begin!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

OH NO! I promised I wouldn't be that bride, the one that keeps changing her mind. And so far, I've done so well. But as I was browsing the internet the other night, I stumbled across some invitations that I fell in love with...possibly a little bit more than the ones I previously fell in love with and decided on. I guess it's not the biggest deal because I haven't ordered the invites yet, but they have to be ordered by April 1st (next week!) so I need to make a final decision. Please let me know your thoughts as I need some serious help from girls with a eye for fabulous stationary! Oh, and I should add that one of these costs twice as much as the other, eeks!

Choice #1 (Printed on 100% Cotton)

Choice #2 (Letter Press)


  1. I like choice #1 the best. I haven't seen anything like it before, so to me, it's more unique. But both are lovely.

  2. I like #2 the best, #1 seems too "busy" to me with the bird and the chandelier.

    My invitation is by Envelopments and there are a few invites on their website that reminded me of your wedding style:

  3. I like them both, but I like #2 best! I'm partial to letterpress. I love how it looks. I'm guessing it's also the one that this more expensive since letterpress is always more expensive.

  4. i love #1 but am partial to letterpress :)

    just remember though - your invites will be the smallest detail of your day!

  5. I'm kind of leaning toward #2 because I like letterpress, too...but if it's a lot more expensive (which I'm guessing it is) then it might make more sense to go with #1 because that's really lovely too!

  6. I just want to say either one you go with will be gorgeous! I love them both! So I would just go with the less expensive option to save some money...

  7. Oh number two is heavenly! I do like 1 as well but...I am offically not a help at all!

    I did however just find your blog and it's lovely!

  8. Well my opinion officially doesn't matter since I'm sure you already ordered but I love them both!!!

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