Recap: Getting Ready

Monday, November 28, 2011

So there may be such a thing as being too relaxed on your wedding day...yes, that was me. I was so busy watching all my girls get prettied up and sneaking into the ballroom to check the status of the decor that I lost track of the time! I was so unconcerned about my own hair and makeup that I ended up getting both done last! Oops! My hair and makeup artists had to rush so we could get to picture taking on time. I nearly gave our photographer a heart attack, Tina I'm so sorry! All that being said, everything worked out and I wasn't worried at all. Looking back, and knowing my own strict and somewhat anal personality, I'm shocked that the time crunch didn't bother me. I think I was just so happy and so excited that literally nothing could get me down. The day was absolutely perfect!

While I was getting my makeup done...

My lovely bridesmaid was putting the final touches on our dresses!

 Mom zipped me up...

Any my oh so attentive Maid of Honor helped me into my 5" heels!

Oh how I love those heels...

The girls posed in their cute plum pretty sugar pajama pants...

before stepping into their freshly steamed dresses.

When we were all ready, we headed out to the garden for some sweet pics!

Those pictures as well as our "first look" shots are coming soon!

Recap: Bridal Details

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Finally it was time to head to the "bridal suite" right outside the ballroom to get ready. There, waiting for me, was my dress...

My shoes...

My garter...

My bouquet...

And my beloved Flora!

All of my bridesmaids and my mom and sister were there. We ate lunch, got our hair and makeup done, and had fun gabbing away! I also found a few minutes to sneak (barefoot and in my robe) into the ballroom where the chiavari chairs and birdcage centerpieces were being set up. My visions were turning into a reality right before my eyes and I was SO happy with what I saw!

All photos were taken by our photographer, Tina Rowden.

Recap: Wedding Morning

I know, I've been away from my blog for months...and months. But finally, I am ready and able (have pictures and video) to post our wedding recaps! They'll be coming a little at a time and I'm really excited share them with you!

I went to bed at 12:00 am on my wedding day. At 11:45, just fifteen minutes before, I arrived back to my hotel room from hanging out with family and friends. I checked my to-do list, twice. Yes, everything was done. All that was left for me to do was get some sleep, relax, and marry my love. I laid in bed and smiled myself to sleep. My alarm was set to go off at 8:00 am and my eyes popped open at 7:58 am. For those two minutes, I savored the moment. Today was THE day and I felt calm, collected, and loved.

I knew I had a while to wait before getting ready so I got dressed (in my cute custom "Bride" dress that Mr. CF bought me) and hung out with my best friends! Breakfast, CVS, heard me right. Everything was done so we spent our time looking for false eyelashes (for my MOH) and comfy flip-flops at the store! :) I then gave the girls a tour of The Mansion on Peachtree and had fun playing with some details, trying on my veil, and anticipating how everything would turn out!

Stay tuned to see some bridal details!