Step into My Dressing Room...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Okay so I'm way over-thinking this whole engagement shoot wardrobe. Our pictures will be taken this month, 22 days from now, and I have not purchased a dress. And I need two. And shoes for both. Yikes!

I know this really shouldn't be that hard but I do hope to be able to look back at these pictures in 10 years and think "boy I had a cute sense of style!" So I went browsing today and am going to share some options with you. I'm looking for something dressy yet comfortable, and then something else a little more casual and laid back. Both need to be girly and romantic! If you want to know more about the setting of our shoot, read this post. Here we go!

Option 1:  Love this lacy, nude-colored number!


Option 2:  I love, love, love one-shoulder dresses! Can you tell?

Option 3:  This reminds me of Spring! I loved how soft it was and it flowed so nice!

Option 4:  This dress was so flattering on and I especially loved the back!


Option 5:  I didn't try this on because they didn't have it at the mall but OMG how cute!!!

Option 6:  You must know how much I love ruffles after reading yesterday's post!

Option 7:  You all may think I'm a crazy bird lady but this dress is sweet, sweet, sweet! Or shall I saw tweet, tweet, tweet? ;-)

I also already own some cute dresses, but I'm not sure how I'd feel wearing something I've already worn. Not because I don't wear my dresses twice (I definitely do), but because this is a special occasion that deserves a new dress! What do you think? Any of the dresses stand out to you?


  1. Have you tried Ruche? They have a bunch of really cute dresses and they are reasonably priced $30 - $60. It's one of my favorite online stores. They have great customer service and they ship your order out right away. I have had nothing but good experiences with every order from here :)

  2. They all look fabulous! I had a serious issue choosing my engagement shoot dress (tried on millions) so I feel your pain! My favorites are #4 and #5. Can't wait to see which you choose!