Today's Big Purchase

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Although today has been a very lazy day, I did manage to get something wedding-related accomplished...I purchased Mr. CF's wedding band! It is a very traditional and timeless piece of jewelry (which he picked out) and it fits him and his personality perfectly. It was so surreal seeing him with a ring on his finger but I'm sure we'll both get used to it in August. Isn't it interesting how there are one or two cases of men's wedding bands at the jewelry stores and about 20-50 cases of women's engagement rings/bands? Hmm...what does that say about us girls?!


  1. So fun! I really like his choice too! I remember it took me FOREVER to get used to seeing a ring on Ian's finger but now I notice when it's not on...hehe

  2. I really like it!! Congrats for getting it picked out, I can't wait to see my FH wearing a ring on his finger, too! =D