Whimsical Crowns

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I apologize for my absence over the last week. I was battling a terrible cold and am finally back to feeling 100%! This morning I was reading through my "The Knot" magazine (remember the one I got for FREE at CVS?) and came across a little wedding timeline. Seeing that we are approximately 8 months out, I decided to check and see where we're "supposed" to be in our wedding planning this month.

The Knot is telling me to:
  • Narrow down my dress choice and place my order. Check!
  • Set aside a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests. Check!
  • Decide on the bridesmaid dresses and make sure the girls get measured and place dress orders. Not there yet!
  • Book a baker, choose your wedding cake design and pay a deposit. Do you hear that Cuddlefish?
  • Create a wedding website. Check! (This will be released to family & friends once the save the dates go out)
Looks like we're doing okay.

I'm purposely behind on the bridesmaid dresses because, personally, I think it's too soon. Which brings me to the next item on my list, or shall I say Mr. Cuddlefishy's list. Remember this post where I mentioned that he is in charge of all things cake related?

Althoughhhhhhh...since I'm on the topic, maybe I'll throw out a cake idea I had ;)

I was browsing Ballard Designs the other day and found these beauties:

Then I thought to myself, "it would be cool to have two small cakes, a King and a Queen". Then we could display all of our other specialty cakes and desserts around them. I'm thinking just plain looking cakes with these king and queen crowns sitting on top! Problem is, I do not know how heavy these things are (not listed in the product information) and am not sure if a cake could support them. Does anyone know how much weight a cake can support???


  1. I really can't tell. Is it like heavy wood or hallowed out wood. They are nice though!

  2. I might have to order one to find out :)

  3. That's a cute idea. I don't know if those would be too heavy, but if you could find plastic or hollow ones, I'm sure that would work.