Our Proposal Story

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I realized that I have been writing for a few months now and have failed to tell you all about the day Mr. CF and I got engaged. It was truly special and I was completely caught off guard and surprised (I was wearing my pajamas the whole time)!

He proposed on August 20, 2010...
I said YES!

Miss Cuddlefish's Version
After a tiring workout at the gym, I decided to take a nap. I was awoken by a phone call, it was Mr. CF! He was very upset and angry because his car broke down as he was turning into the neighborhood. He asked me to walk outside to help. I ran outside and as I neared the front of the neighborhood, I saw his car CF anywhere. Because I have watched one too many episodes of "Forensic Files", I found the scene to be suspicious and was convinced that someone had forced Mr. CF to call me to get me out of the house so it could be robbed. I would not go near the car! Trying to decide what to do, I took one last look from afar and saw a letter on the windshield. Hmmm! I opened it to find a note, which read:

"Ohhh Nooo! This poor cuddyfish ran into car trouble. Cuddlefish love the water, so find some on the double. The heat became too stifling to sit around and wait. If only there was a pool nearby, you could find him by the gate..."

I ran to the pool where there was another note!

"The water proved useless, this heat is just too much. A better place must be found, somewhere cooling to the touch. Cuddlefish love to sit and enjoy a cold delicious treat. If only there was ice cream, perhaps just down the street..."

I was convinced that I'd find him at the local ice cream shop so I walked very fast all the way there. Sweating from the extreme Alabama summer heat, I arrived at Brusters and there was no CF and no note! OH NOOOOOOO!!!! I waited and waited...confused. Finally, I decided to walk home.

Side note:  There WAS a letter at Brusters in plain sight but she missed it! It read:

"Ice cream is no good on such a long hot summer day. Before a cuddlefish takes a bite, it all just melts away. Running all around is the most exhausting thing. Cuddlefish just love to relax, on a hammock that can swing..."

But no, I did not see that one. Defeated because I could not find the note that was still at Brusters, I started to walk home. When the house was in view, I noticed that there was a hammock in the front yard with another note!

"A cuddlefish might love the water and ice cream, and when a cuddlefish is tired, might even like to swing. But what the cuddlefish love to do the most, is cuddle with each other, and be so very close."

At this point I was crying and tired and ran in the house to find my final note:

"So when a cuddlefish gets hot and tired, and needs to just feel great, they seek the embrace of another cuddlefish, their one and true soul-mate. Look for the room where dreams are made, that is where I'll be. There's only one thing left to say..."

I ran into the bedroom to find my sweet man on his knee! He asked:

"Will you marry me?"

I fell into his arms and it was the happiest moment of our lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Minutes later, CF slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger and I ran circles around the house at top speed while Mini Pickles (our little dachshund) chased me. We went out for a yummy dinner and then returned to our home to watch "Forensic Files"!

Mr. CF's Version
After a very long day at work I decided to put my plan in motion. I stopped by the store to pick up some roses for our new kitchen table and then proceeded to place envelopes with notes in them in our favorite and familiar locations near our house. I made sure to tape the letters in very visible places and hoped nobody would take them and also hoped the wind would not blow them away. I parked my car right at the entrance of the neighborhood, took the roses and the last two letters and left the car there after placing the first letter under the windshield wipers. I hurried down the sidewalk hoping Miss CF would not see me and snuck through the fence into our backyard. I then called Miss CF and told her that my car had broken down and that I would need her help to drive the car home while I pushed it. I watched her leave the house and then entered the house and placed the final two notes and retrieved the ring. I then sat in the bedroom and waited for her to return. After a longer than anticipated wait and worrying that something terrible had gone wrong, I finally heard the door open and she came in sobbing uncontrollably. I was down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes!


  1. Aw, that is the most adorable story ever! Man, I wish my engagement was like that.

  2. Cutest story ever!