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Thursday, December 16, 2010

When I close my eyes at night I dream of...


Not just any chairs, Chiavari chairs!

Chiavari chairs can easily transform any table (okay, nice linens and pretty flowers help)! You can do so much with them, like dress them up or hang cute little "Mr." and "Mrs." signs from them. If you're not convinced, have a look...

{Buy these signs here}

Unfortunately for me, these chairs are not in our budget. At $7-$10 each, the cost really adds up! I will admit, it's hard to shell out $700-$1000 (for 100 guests) on chairs when most venues come with them. Here are the chairs that our venue, The Mansion on Peachtree, provides:

Hmmmm...not exactly what I am going for

So, I need to get creative and find a way to make these chairs a reality. Looks like selling old stuff on Ebay and Craigslist is in my future! I'll keep you updated on the progress of my "chair fund".

Some may say that spending money on chairs is frivolous, some may say "no one notices the chairs", and others might even say that the chairs provided by our reception venue are "nice". But the "nice" chairs do not make it into my dreams when I close my eyes and envision the one and only wedding I will have in my lifetime. I think this might be my splurge!

I would love your honest opinions on this topic. Am I crazy? Are you planning on renting (or did you rent) Chiavari chairs for your reception? Is there anything that you had/have your heart set on that deserved/deserves a splurge?


  1. HOnestly? They aren't very comfortable and they don't feel sturdy. I just can't imagine why they go for $10 a piece here. I mean, I would have to have come across some extra money or won them in a contest to use them. I think you can dress up any chair. ^_^

  2. Many people probably don't notice the type of chairs at receptions, but it's the attention to detail that will make your wedding totally unique. I think the chairs are adorable, and they will go perfectly with your theme. If you love them, I say go for it. I know I plan to splurge on an item or two for my wedding! Plus...maybe you can recoup a good portion of the money by reselling them on ebay afterwards.

  3. hi.. i found your blog from a post you left on weddingbee.. love your blog! and I LOVE those chairs also.. I have been wanting to rent them for our wedding too..I decided to just rent 12 of them for the head table for the bridal party..we are renting the dark mahogany kind for $7 each..the rest of the chairs are going to be covered in white with white organza sashes... yes ppl have thought i was silly for wanting those chairs..but they're gorgeous..can't imagine not having them in my wedding..

  4. So I just started following your blog, hence the late response. But I LOVE chivary chairs .. I decided this was a must early on.. 7-10 is REAlly pricey. Thank Goodness I have been doing my research and I found a place that rents them out for $4.50 .. although some would say money gone to the trash for chairs.. but I REALLY feel like they add to the over all décor. I cant imagine dressing the chairs up.. reminds of a sweet 15 :/