Your Gift Giving Guide - Part Two {Children}

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I don't have children but I do love cute things and I have lots of friends with adorable little ones! Therefore, I am here to bring you your gift giving guide {children's edition}! These gifts are under $25 and perfect if you need a gift for a little boy or girl. Ladies first!

{Little Girl}

Owl Hat - $23 - Buy it here

Little Purse - $18 - Buy it here

Sugar Cookie Bake Set - $18 - Buy it here

Pillowcase Dress - $25 - Buy it here
Thanks to my cousin Michelle at The Real Life Mom for this idea!

Hoot Memory Match Game - $16 - Buy it here

{Little Boy}

Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light - $21 - Buy it here

Felt Magnetic Fishing Set - $15 - Buy it here

Little Elf Onesie - $21 - Buy it here

Cookie Monster Plush Toy - $15 - Buy it here

Fleece Dino Hat - $18 - Buy it here

{Boy or Girl}

Panda Pillow Pet - $20 - Buy it here

Next up, gifts for the men in your life! I may be asking Mr. CF for help with this one! Stay tuned :) 

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