Your Gift Giving Guide - Part One {Ladies}

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tonight I'm sitting by the fire thinking about my favorite holiday, Christmas! I love Christmas for so many reasons. I especially love gathering with family at Midnight Mass. Last year I attended Mr. CF's church with  my mom and his family. I remember it being completely dark inside, with the exception of hundreds of candles held by each person in the room. The voices of those singing in the choir sounded like angels. The experience moved me to tears, just as it does every year.

Of course my faith, family, and friends are part of the reason why I love this holiday so much...but there is one more thing. GIVING! I love to give gifts. I love the anticipation I feel when someone is opening a gift I gave to them. Seeing the excitement on their face and seeing how loved they feel is priceless to me. I have never been able to give people expensive gifts but I have always tried to make the gifts I am able to give special and meaningful. I spend time thinking about each person before I go shopping and I think I like the thought and planning aspect more than I like the shopping itself!

In honor of it being the season to give, I will be posting a series of entries to help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Tonight I will focus on the women in your life and every gift featured is handmade by an Etsy seller and is under $26.00!

Later this week I will be posting gifts for children! If you have a child or know of something a child would love, please comment and I will feature your gift idea! Also, feel free to comment with an inexpensive gift you'd love to give or receive this holiday season.

{Gifts for the Ladies}

For the Coffee/Wine Lover

Wine Coasters - $18 - Buy them here

Doily Coasters - $18 - Buy them here

Coffee Cozy - $10.50 - Buy it here

For the Jewelry Lover

Sterling Silver Letter Necklace - $23 - Buy it here

Jewelry Pouch - $16.50 - Buy it here

For the Technology Lover

Hand Stitched Camera Case - $20 - Buy it here

Cell Phone Case - $14 - Buy it here

For the Girl that Loves to Send Cards

Personalized Note Cards - $16 - Buy them here

Custom Address Stamp - $19.95 - Buy it here

For the Cook

Wood Grain Custom Recipe Cards - $20 - Buy them here

Reversible Half Apron - $25.75 - Buy it here

For the Bride-to-Be

To Have and to Hold Tote Bag - $15 - Buy it here

Crystal Bouquet Wrap - $25 - Buy it here

For the Girly Girl

Ruffled Neck Warmer - $24 - Buy it here

Knitted Cupcake Coasters - $13 - Buy them here

Doily Necklace - $12 - Buy it here

For the Traveler

Travel Laundry Bag - $20 - Buy it here

Fabric Luggage Tag - $12 - Buy it here

Mermaid Passport Cover - $18 - Buy it here

Let me know what you think and be sure to share your ideas on gifts for children of all ages!!!!!! Happy giving!

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  1. Such awesome finds!! Thanks for sharing. I love the passport cover.