My Pretty Guestbook

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am on the hunt for a vintage {working} typewriter. Like this!

Why, you ask? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...well you remember these babies, don't you?!

Yes, I am longing for a typewriter so I can turn it into a guestbook!!!! It can't just be any vintage typewriter though, it has to be from the 1930's or 40's and it has to work (which is the hard part).

How cool will it be to arrive at the reception and see a little table set up with a typewriter, some antique scroll paper (you know, the kind that rolls up easily), and some flowers? I think it will fit in with our theme perfectly! At the end of the night, we'll pull the paper out, roll it up, and tie a pretty ribbon around it. Viola! We'll have ourselves a guestbook "signed" by all of our loved ones. Mr. CF and I met online so I'm totally open to adding a little vintage technology to our day :)

Did you use (or do you plan to use) a unique guestbook at your wedding? If so, share your idea!


  1. That sounds so cool! I would be afraid of typos though! No backspace button! >_< It's still a neat idea and I would be SUPER careful not to mess it up for you if I were a guest.

    I think we are going to use celtic wishing stones.

  2. There's more to planning a wedding than I thought. You girls are outta my league! Well in 2050, look forward to planning my wedding Weezie! :-)