Baby it's cold outside...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's 42 degrees in Madison, Alabama tonight and I'm actually enjoying it! I'm sitting here sipping hot tea while my pecan pie mini muffins are baking in the oven. In the background, I hear football on the TV in the other room. It so feels like Fall!!!

{Note:  I did not break down and buy the Williams-Sonoma acorn pan, but I did go to Walmart to purchase a mini cupcake pan for $4!}

In the spirit of cooler weather and Halloween, Mr. CF and I went to a little pumpkin patch today and purchased some very nice pumpkins. I am a new Alabama resident and it's an amazing feeling to go to a local farm (about 2 miles down the road) to buy pumpkins. The man was so nice and even gave us some sweet potatoes and one pumpkin for free! Such a great experience!

We came home and got to work! Here is my finished product:

I think my cat came out so cute and it was very easy. In case you'd like to make one next year, here are the steps I took:

What to buy - 2 pumpkins (1 large & 1 medium), 1 gourd, 1 can of black glossy spray paint, 1 sheet of orange felt, 1 sheet of black felt, 1 package of sticky rhinestones. You can find these items at Walmart and Michaels.

  • Cut stems off your pumpkins then spray them (and your gourd) with black spray paint. Let dry.
  • Cut a hole in the back of the medium sized pumpkin and clean out the guts.
  • Cut eyes into your medium sized pumpkin.
  • Cut two "ears" out of your black felt and line them with sticky rhinestones. Get creative!
  • Cut a "collar" out of your orange felt and design it with sticky rhinestones.
  • Arrange your pumpkins so they form a cat and then affix the ears and collar using straight pins.
  • Put a candle in your cat's head and you are done!

Happy Halloween!

(P.S. Can you spot Mr. CF's pumpkin in the background?!)


  1. I'm so jealous of the cold weather in Alabama! It's been in the high 80's here. It was in the low 90's the other day. I'm dying to wear tights, boots and sweaters!

  2. It was 22 here this morning. I was not a happy camper. I will be in a better mood once Christmas starts!