And She Danced...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

For all the engaged and/or married girls out there, at what moment did you first feel like a bride? For me, it was most definitely when I found the dress! I guess it makes sense for me because I went dress shopping shortly after getting engaged. Luckily, Mr. Cuddlefish planned our engagement four days before my mom was scheduled to visit Huntsville for the first time. This gave my mom and I the perfect opportunity to go shopping!

Walking into the first salon, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted and even had a magazine ad in hand! Mermaid, one shoulder, and roses! Over the top and a statement dress all the way. You want to see???
Yep, that's what I had in mind. However, as I waddled over to the step in front of the mirror in this beautiful Ines de Santo gown and saw the look of horror on my mom's face, I conceded. I couldn't walk, step up, sit down, or even breathe! Next please!

Two salons later, in all it's beauty, I found "the one". I put it on. I walked back and forth in front of the store length mirrors. I sat. I stood. I danced. I breathed in and out (without effort) and I said "this is it, I feel like a bride!" You won't see a picture of my dress until our wedding day, but I assure you that it is me to a tee!

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