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Friday, October 8, 2010

They're frighteningly smart, have manipulating arms and tentacles, have ink jets, can dart backward, and see through the polarization of light through their w-shaped eyes!!! What are they??????

The Cuttlefish of course!!

Now that you know some traits of the "Cuttlefish", let me share a little about a different species, the "Cuddle Fish" and how they came to be!

I had a Christmas tree stand that I happened to leave out on my back patio until August of 2009. On our first date, I mentioned to Mr. CF that tiny fish had grown in the stand and had been living there for a while. He did not believe me, stating "fish don't just grow out of nowhere!" We jokingly referred to these "non-existent" fish as the PUDDLE FISH. A few weeks later, Mr. CF came to my house for the first time. I excitedly led him out to the back patio and and, sure enough, there were the fish. He couldn't believe his eyes!!!! I swear I did not put those fish in the Christmas tree stand, they just grew there!!!!

One day Mr. CF, being the incredibly sweet man that he is, left me a note in my house to surprise me. On the front he referred to me as "Puddle Cuddle Fish". From that moment on we affectionately called each other "Cuddle Fish". We love everything about this term of endearment. We even collect Cuttle Fish items and often give each other gifts such as Cuttle Fish artwork, note cards, stuffed animals, etc. As you can imagine, these items are hard to come by (thank you for having some selection) which makes each one we find even more special.

A quick search of Etsy led me to some super cute items. Check them out!

A cuddle fish onsie (also available in adult sized t-shirts)! How cute!

A cuttlefish ring, made out of a fork! How unique!

A stuffed cuttlefish in the colors of your choice! How personal!

And cuttlefish art! How creative!

Do you have a term of endearment for your significant other? If so, what special meaning does it have to you?

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