My Wedding-Day Scent

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This may seem like such a small detail of the day, but it's definitely an important one! I've known for a long time that I wanted to wear a special perfume on August 13th, I just didn't know which one. For a while, I would try different scents each time I went in a department store or Sephora or Ulta, just searching and waiting to find "the one". Nothing stood out to me, probably because every scent I love, I own! Eventually, I forgot about this small detail and tackled much bigger things on my to-do list.

Then, one night as I was flipping through a magazine, I found it! The one! The perfume that will always trigger special memories of our special day. I knew that my search was over. Mr. CF looked perplexed as I frantically ripped the page from magazine, sat on the couch, and proceeded to rub that piece of paper all over my neck and wrists! You know they say that you have to try it on to make sure it still smells the same! Yes, that was it. I don't own this amazing scent yet (it's the only thing on my birthday list this year), but once I do it will not be worn until our wedding day. Can't wait!

Is there a certain perfume that triggers a special memory for you?

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  1. Oh my I thought I was the only one that is putting this little detail on my To do list. I have yet to start looking for “the one” but I deff want a unique perfume for the day off. Last year my fiancé and I went to Hawaii for the first time .. well I purchased a victorias secret limited edition perfume and it honestly takes me back to that wonderful week of no stress and just relaxation. I have to confess that whenever I’m having a stressful day a spray it on and the memories are very soothing !