Long Overdue Status Update!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

With under 3 months to go, I believe I'm officially in the final stage of wedding planning! I must say that the last nine months went by at a good pace and the process has been relatively stress-free (with the exception of paying the wedding bills, of course!) In my opinion, one year is plenty of time to plan a wedding and I feel like we have been able to get everything done and we were also able to book all of our top choice vendors. When you get married in a huge city like Atlanta, the good ones go fast! I am so confident and so in love with everyone we have working for us and I know that everything is going to come together perfectly.

So, what does one do in the final months of planning? Well, there's the fun little things! And then there's the tricky decisions to make on things that you've put off thinking about until now!

For example, little thing:

I purchased my wedding day earrings (I love Nadri) this weekend and am on the hunt for a bracelet.


Tricky decisions (there are lots of these):

  • Head table with 19 people (too obnoxiously long?) or sweetheart table as shown below?


  • Super-stretch limo to fit said 19 people (too obnoxiously long?), or no limo? Or multiple limos? ::My head is spinning::
  • Get hair/makeup done at salon or have artists come out to the hotel ($$)? Well OF COURSE I want them to come to the hotel. 
  • Menus at every place setting or one menu at every table? Or, one menu in the entire ballroom written on a cute vintage-looking chalkboard? 

 {Source Unknown}

Must the possibilities be endless?!?! Oh, who am I kidding, I love this!


  1. New to your blog and love reading about your wedding planning :) I just satrted planning my wedding :)

    Idea for the limo.. Why not get a limo style party bus? They hold lots more people and it makes for a super fun ride to your locations :)

  2. We are doing a sweetheart table so that we can steal a few moments of semi-private time during dinner, and spreading our bridal party members out with their families and friends. I'm making diy chalkboards with Goodwill picture frames and chalkboard paint and one of them will be our menu.

    I think we will be dragging ourselves to the salon the morning of the wedding, unfortunately...

  3. i have nadri earrings too! yay! i also say sweetheart table but obnoxiously long limo. also, i love the chalkboard menu. very cute!

  4. wow we have similar style.. loveee all these pictures.. i cant decide between long tables vs sweet heart vs round table...