Fun Favors!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ahh favors...they have come such a long way over the last few years! What used to be useless trinkets are now delicious edible treats or tiny gifts that really reflect the couple giving them! I am so excited about the favor we chose and I feel certain that our guests are going to love it too! (That's all I can say about that!)

Looking for some cute favor ideas for your wedding?

How 'bout a box full of Cuties! I love these little clementines and they would make such a great (and healthy) post-wedding snack for your guests! This would be perfect for couples living in California, which is where they are grown. I also think they'd be cute for Florida couples...oranges, cuties...close enough!

Looking for a less healthy option? How about some Krispy Kreme doughnuts? Seriously, if I were a guest at a wedding and I saw these sitting on the favor table, I would jump for joy! YUM!

Oh Macarons, must you be so cute?!?!  If you are having a French Parisian themed reception, this just might be the perfect favor for you!

Do you love s'mores as much as I love s'mores?  These little DIY bags are easy and inexpensive to make! And, of course, they are super cute!!!


Looking for some non-edible options?

This one's for the girls! Perfect for a beach wedding! Or, perfect if you just want your female guests to be comfy while they dance the night away!

Do you ever use party crackers on New Year's Eve? This is one of Mr. CF's family traditions and I think it would be so cute as a wedding favor. All the guests can mingle and show each other what *useless trinket* they got! Okay, I know I said that favors shouldn't be useless trinkets but when they come in a tulle covered cracker tube, they are fun! 

Ever since I was a kid, I have LOVED lottery scratch-off tickets (bad, I know)! I don't ever buy them but I LOVE when Santa leaves them in my stocking :) How cute are these "lucky in love" lottery ticket favors? 

Looking for more wedding favor ideas? Check out one of my favorite wedding-related blogs, Favor Craver!!!

Are you giving guests favors at your wedding? If so, what are you giving?


  1. I have a wonderful friend who has just started a soy melts and candles company. As her gift to us, she will be making us soy melts to give to all of our guests (which we will present in gorgeous little boxes) in a signature smell that she is going to help us create! We will also burn the smell on the day, so hopefully when everyone burns their melts, they will remember our day!

  2. I love the s'mores favors!

    We are using pinwheels from Etsy seller aubabi78 as favors and escort cards... I am SO excited about them. Our guests will get so much food I don't feel guilty about not doing an edible favor :)

  3. Amanda - That is SO personal and cool! Awesome (and useful) favor :) That is very nice and generous of your friend, too!

    Spinningstars - I LOVE that idea! I have seen those pinwheels on Etsy and they are adorable! Is your wedding in the summer? Pinwheels remind me of summer for some reason :)

  4. Thanks for the mention, I'm so glad to hear you enjoy my blog!

  5. I had a candy buffet, flip flops, picture frame escort cards, and photo op props (which I wasn't planning on people taking).

  6. I would love to get krispy kremes as a favor, and think the scratch off is so cute! We haven't completely decided what we're doing yet, but I'm dying to have a candy bar

  7. great ideas! We did not give out favors at our wedding, but if we did...I would have chosen one of these!