Recap: The Guys

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I shared some pictures of the beautiful ladies in our wedding party and want to make sure I show the guys some love too! You'll notice that our wedding party had three guys and eight girls. We never even thought twice about this (having an unequal number) as we just asked the people who we were closest to. We also had two wonderful ushers who you'll see pictures of later! The guys wore traditional Calvin Klein tuxes from Men's Warehouse. To my surprise, they even wore suspenders (something I wanted but Mr. CF nixed)! I guess at the last moment they decided to put them on. I love a man in suspenders!

Would you consider having an unequal number of guys and girls in your bridal party? Did you or your fiance decide on the guys attire?


  1. I know! I just love seeing guys all dressed up in tuxes! It's such a rare occasion.