Recap: First Look

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Initially, having a "first look" was something that Mr. CF and I did not agree on. I wanted to have one for many reasons and he didn't (for his own very good reasons). Now, I'll be honest and tell you that my sweet husband did not have many demands when it came to our wedding. He simply wanted good food, not a whole lot of pink, some vanilla cake (he doesn't eat chocolate!), and for us not to do a first look. So, for a time, I put the decision on the back burner and considered not having one.

As the date grew closer, I started thinking about our ceremony time which was at 7 PM. I looked online at the projected sunset time and realized that if we didn't do a first look, we wouldn't have any portraits of just the two of us in the beautiful English garden. I also liked the idea of us first seeing each other in private, where we could take some time to cry, hug, kiss, and talk without having all eyes on us. I brought these things up to my love and he agreed that all of those things would be nice. I am so happy that we decided to do one! When I watch our interaction during this time on our wedding video I just cry a million happy tears. To see how we embraced and to hear the words we were able to is just amazing. We definitely would not have had that moment if we saw each other for the first time in church.

I chose not to wear my veil for our first look so that there would be that added element in church. And for the record, we did have two layers of vanilla cake, good food, and not too many pink roses :)


  1. Thanks! :) First look was fun and VERY emotional! I love watching it on video!

  2. I LOVE the first look. Was it what you imagined it would be? I really want to do one so me and mine can have our moment.