Colored Shoes: Still Fresh or Old News?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I love shoes. The higher the better! I especially love wedges, sling-backs, and peep toes! So let's just say I am looking for some pretty special pumps to wear when I walk down the aisle next summer. I casually started browsing the Internet but was skeptical to buy a pair that I hadn't tried on. After all, Mr. Cuddle Fish constantly preaches "comfort over style". I disagree. Can't a girl have both?!

Then, came to the rescue! Free shipping BOTH ways means I can order, try 'em on to test for comfort, and if they're not right I can send them back hassle free!

Let's check out some wedding worthy shoes and compare the classic white to navy.

What do you think about the colored shoe trend, still fresh or old news?

P.S. What was Carrie Bradshaw talking about when she uttered "things are lookin' up"? SHOES!

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